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16 August 2009 @ 02:45 pm

First of all i'm not new to LJ since I already am using it (anonymous) cause I  was too
lazy to make an account, unbelievable ne~ Anyway I finally made one cause I will be posting
stuff on the new community Niji Fansubs.
If you aren't a member yet go and join!
There will be some releases soon (this fansubgroup is subbing variety/tv shows) so stay tuned x3
Will be updating this Journal with random stuff, anyway i'm a huge fan of Arashi, News, Kat-tun, Kanjani and all the other johnnies outside this jimusho I also like Koda Kumi, Uverworld, SID, Kitagawa Keiko, Lena Fuji and Tamaki Marie.
Actually alot more but i'm too lazy to write down everything and its not interesting either x3

And here's a bonus picture!

Doesn't Ohno look adorkable!!

My Mood: crazycrazy
Lady Strangemmestrange on August 29th, 2014 05:43 pm (UTC)
Enquiry about joining Niji Fansubs
Hello, I am sorry for wasting your valuable time and I hope this message does not come across as demanding or offensive, but I have an important question to ask you.

I tried to contact you via LJ private message, but yourLJ account does not accept messages from journals not "friended" to your journal.

This message was also sent to co-mod at Niji fansubs, Natsupi. But I have not received any response. I am not entirely surprised by her silence because a quick check at her profile indicates she has not been around on LJ since late 2013.

Since your LJ profile states, you were active as of January 2014, I hope you will receive this message.

I know you and Natsupi are co-mods to the fansubbing community, Niji Fansubs.
I know said community's homepage is http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com
I know said community's rules and application page is http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html

I am wondering if there are any definitive rules to joining your community, beyond the ones stated in your rules and application page. I have gone through comments between 2010-2014 and noticed that some applicants were accepted as members, while some were not. I have also observed that all applicants, even the rejected ones, did as your instructions bade - they said they would abide by the rules AND have clicked the join button

I, too, have repeatedly sought to join Niji Fansubs over the years. I have always done the following when applying to join your community:
1) clicked the join button and checked that I did receive LJ message that i have indeed clicked said join button and that my application has been sent to the mods of this comm for authorisation.
2) written and posted comments in your rules posts promising to abide by your rules.

I provide proof of these comments here:
A) I attempted to join in 2010 and 2011 as well, but for some reason, I cannot find my comments in your applications and rules post.
B) 27 July 2012 - http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html?thread=1941930#t1941930
C) 12 Feb 2013 - http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html?thread=2004650#t2004650
D) 20 Aug 2014 - http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html?thread=2113706#t2113706
E) 30 Aug 2014 - http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html?thread=2114218#t2114218

As you can see from all the comments listed above, I have always agreed to abide by the rules in my comment AND I have always clicked the join button.

What can I do to join this community, beyond saying that I will follow your rules and clicking the join button? Have I done anything wrong that I need to redress? Is that why my application has been amongst those who were silently declined throughout the years?

Again, I stress that I am not accusatory. I merely wish to know why I am silently rejected throughout years and I wish to know what I can do to remedy this.

Here is proof that I have written a comment in accordance to your rules on 30 Aug 2014 - http://niji-fansubs.livejournal.com/426.html?thread=2114218#t2114218

Here is proof that I have clicked the join button in accordance with your rules on 30 Aug 2014 - http://imgur.com/ywuAVNC.png